October 2nd, 2008



so the world has turned to the use of microblogging tools. sites like dodgeball, twitter, facebook, myspace all have the capacity for microblogging. what is microblogging? it is essentially the posting of one line entries to the internet. originally intended for location or activity status messaging, it quickly (d)evolved into a mechanism for people to post one line thoughts / commentaries / etc online. soon after an aftermarket of aggregation tools allowed people to tie these one liners to their real blog / livejournal. ironically the original weblog was used for posting a log of interesting websites. hence "web-log". the biggest difference between then and now is the increased technological connectivity of the new sites - most offer direct updates from cell phones and have built in RSS feeds and some even claim IM connectivity.
even more interesting is the emergence of personal websites as lifestreams - mere aggregators of all the media and status sites we use. one such proponent of the lifestream is Yongfook - a gen Y online personality who gained popularity with his text and video reviews of strange japanese foods he could find in his local japanese 7-11 convenience store. He recently released his Sweetcron website software which aggregates multiple websites into a single cohesive online presence - your flickr, your twitter, your blog, your youtube and your vimeo all on one site with lots of web2.0 ajaxy goodness. pretty cool. what makes a lifestream blog like sweetcron even more interesting is that you can present all your media - blogs, status tweets, pictures, videos in one site. rather than pointing around to all those individual sites. you get to also customize the look and feel of that site up how you want to.

for us livejournal users, none of this is really new/relevant. we've had the ability to text one line posts for a few years now with the TxtLJ function, we've been able to post pictures direct to our LJ for a while now, and we've always been able to write posts that link to our other media sources. what would be interesting is to see if LJ will add in the ability to auto post based on the RSS feeds of your flickr / youtube / vimeo etc. which is essentially what sweetcron software does.

more later. i'm off to find me a sammich.