September 27th, 2008


RIP Butch Cassidy

Paul Newman is dead. so sad.

I actually nearly got run over by him once. was at a race and if you werent aware, Paul was a huge racer. he loved to race and ended up owning a racing team. not your typical small shop racing team either - Newman Haas Racing was a strong team for a good number of years both in CART and IRL... which is where I ran into him. my friends and i were walking in the paddock and he came zooming around the corner on his scooter and nearly took out me and my friends. actually it happened a few times over the years... ahhahahah. my friend jacqueline actually once got to get a pace car ride from him... in a lamborghini. while her husband and i were more excited about the car, she was much more excited about the driver.

paul, you will be missed.