May 16th, 2008



its art-a-whirl time!

Art-A-Whirl is the NorthEast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA) open studio and gallery tour that happens every spring. It scheduled for this weekend: today from 5pm to 10pm , saturday from noon to 8pm and sunday from noon to 5pm.

i have a bunch of friends who are showing stuff at the Northrup King Building and you should check them out!!!

one of my besties Lindsy has her DangerPro Studios open and our friend Johnny also has some cool photos up in the studio as well. Studio # 266 and you'll see the giant sign i made!


as i sit outside surfing the net on my silvery powerbook, the sun is glaring into my eyes shining off the silver. i wonder if instead of the shiny MacBookPro, i should get a black Macbook instead?

but then... the sun will be absorbed into the black making it hot!!!