April 1st, 2008


making the buns

so a while back i was at United Noodles (a very large and well stocked asian food market here in the Twin Cities) and I bought a bunch (a few pounds) of chinese BBQ Pork. aka Cha Siu. or Char Siew or Char Siu. I had been jonesing for some Cha Siu Bao aka steamed bbq pork buns. MMMMmmmm. i'd had a few baked ones when i was out in San Fran, when ajha, her boy and I walked around chinatown. They were great. but i knew i wanted more... specifically i wanted some of the steamed ones. like my mum used to make.
So, when i bought the bbq pork i knew what i wanted to do with it. unfortunately i didn't have time that weekend to make the buns, so i froze the pork and came back to it.
Well i finally had time last week so with susina's assistance bbq pork buns were made! it took a while, and the yeast i used was uber old, so the dough was a bit more doughy than should be, but... tasty tasty tasty!!!
its a lot more labor intensive than i would have expected. all in all i think it was a 5 hour process? something like that. what with dough rising, and making the filling, and then wrapping the filling and proofing that... it wasn't quick. but like many things that take time, well worth the wait and effort.