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where are all my toys?
from the fountain of my psyche to your page.
saw the Golden Compass sunday and was surprised. i liked it. i enjoyed the visuals and the concepts, and i think i might have to read the books after hearing a friend describe how disappointed she was in the things that weren't portrayed in the movie. which of course means to me that the book must be much better.

i had other things to say, but i'm tired, its super cold out and my cleverness was used up for a phone call earlier tonight.
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wow.  you're using a browser without images?  crazy. my kudos and condolences.

hahahaha. its so funny because its true.
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the daily phoblog is up and running.

for some weird reason LJ hasn't updated it yet, but i created an LJ syndication for it: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/capns_phoblog/

the original site is: http://gallery.mac.com/spikenheimer/100032

whats weird is the before and after shots. these were beffore and after a haircut.

the after shot makes my hair look longer ?!?


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