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November 22nd, 2007 - where are all my toys? — LiveJournal
from the fountain of my psyche to your page.
ok. so here's the menu... tell me what you think:

- 1 cornish hen / person*
- mushroom / drippings gravy (sadly no giblets came w/ the hens)
- bagged stuffing w/ added mushrooms, celery, apple, onions and carrots
- brown rice
- garlicy stirfried zucchini , yellow squash and peapods
- baked sweet potato
- apple crisp

*hens were brined overnight in a citrus brine and will have bacon and garlic under the skin as well as celery, onions and carrots
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so i made 3 cornish hens... each weighed about 1.5 pounds.
thats 4.5 pounds of hen.

in years past my parents and i have eaten around half of a 11 pound turkey.

today? we ate most of one cornish hen, and part of a breast of another.

!?!?!? liberally i'd say we maybe at 2 pounds of bird. wtf.

that just means more leftover for me!!! YUM!
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