spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

right here, right now, pork rules the roost.

i'm eagerly awaiting the reheating of what i ate last nite for dinner. well no. thats wrong. i'm reheating the remaining pork chop that i made last nite. mmm it was good. this one should be as good.

otherwise i got a lot of crap from people about not doing anything for my birthday and having no plans. i decided it was more of a "stealth" birthday. my friend roxanne says that its cuz i didnt tell people that my birthday was coming up. i guess telling you all isnt the same as telling my friends here in real life. heehee. well, shes right, but i'm not really that caring about it. i mean, dont get me wrong, i like the attention. but i dont feel 34. i really dont. i've missed out on so much, that i think i'm probably maybe feeling like i did in my early 20s. aka when i first moved up here.

what was really amusing to me is that everyone wanted to schedule me for wednesday night. which is of course the night that my friend marie scheduled for celebrating. (she called me up the day before my birthday remembering. so she wins the night.)

ok this got long. i'm off...

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