spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

brain chemistry

my brain keeps sending me the wrong signals. (at first i typed singles. freud that as you please.)
i wish i could live life with my emotions completely controlled by logic. but i'm neither a robot, nor a vulcan. so sadly, i will continue on in my current state until i find a suitable fix.

luckily, i am one who tends to find myself distracted by crushes, and while the current wrong singles er signals do involve a crushes, they're crushes i don't want to pursue for various reasons.

my therapist once said that there is an interesting dichotomy between younger minds and older minds with regards to romance. the older one gets, the more receptive one is to the idea that romance can blossom out of a friendship. whereas when we're younger, all we keep going for is the mystery of the new person, so we never consider the concept of romance as a progression from friendship as something feasible, and in many cases an abomination. many of my friends know i'm the exception to that rule, which is why i'm operating under a newly enacted guideline to find the mystery person.

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