spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

pie. random pie.

» i have all these plans and sometimes i forget i cant do everything. or get everything i want.
» my brain hurts from feeling too much and i am just ready to go shutdown for a few months.
» "planet earth is only 30 bucks today"
» "emotions suck."
»»"they're certainly something, that's for sure."
»»"yes, thats for sure."
» why are there people that drive other people crazy? it's like their super power.
» my super power is nice
» and crabby
» everything i say sounds ominous or grumpy.
» i should eat something.
» LJ is like a spigot for brainpan drivel.
» yogurt and laughter makes everything better
» twitter and FB status updates are like standing under a melting icicle of drivel.
» each of these lines could have been a tweet.
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