spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


so last night i took a carful of friends on a boat / helicopter ferry of people to sweden and then the next morning got into a knife fight at a bar.

highlights include the car sliding around the deck and then as the helicopter picked up the car looking down as the deckhands were using axes on some part of the ship, the icy water and the beautiful sight of the sun rising over the icy waters. the bar fight was b/c as we were walking into the place, someone accidentally flipped a can into someone's table. it really was no big deal but some big douchebag wanted to fight so he came up to our table demanding to know who had a knife. everyone else was a little scared so i just walked up to the guy and somehow i dragged him away from the table using two fingers hooked into the soft part under the chin.

then the cat woke me up wanting to play.

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