spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie review

its another HP movie.

i think i agree with pinkshaya, i would need a 2nd viewing to really be able to review it objectively. the first time i see a movie like this, i am so into how it brings to visual life the stories i read in the book. that can color my interpretation of it.

i will agree that it suffers from some odd pacing, and/or odd choice of stories to moviefy. the later HP books are so full of story that i can see the need to chop out storylines. but some of the choices made seem to make the movie very oddly paced. 10 minute awkward scene setting up a smooch between Harry and Ginny? yeah. how about you make it 5 mins and then give us a little more at the end?

i'm really curious how they'll do the 2 parter for the last book.
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