spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

Dining @ the Northeast Social (repost)

(reposted from http://spikenheimer.tumblr.com)

last night i met up with some friends at the Northeast Social for some drinks and dining. its a beautifully redecorated corner storefront, on the same block as the 331, Modern Café and Rogue Buddha. It was a nice selection of nouveaux american cuisine.
for starters i chose a fried okra / fries dish which was as one friend put it "ooh. tastes... fried. with something else..." (i admit that fried okra or cooked okra in general is definitely a taste to be acquired. okra gives off a ... slime that is an interesting addition to a crispity fried texture. which is why i liked it.) for the entrée I chose the stroganoff. it was an interesting choice - it was gnocchi mushroom stroganoff. very tasty, but the pasta was a touch too softened by the sauce. the flavor more than made up for it. for dessert we shared a key lime pie which was a tad on the lacking side - not enough key limeyness for us, but still tasty.

our service was a good but could have been a bit better - the brand new bus boy (we had the pleasure of breaking him in for them) was a tad negligent with a few things, but overall we liked it. the price was a bit on the high side, actually causing a slightly alcohol miscalculation of tip which we remedied with a quick trip back to fix (we mis calculated that 2 $8 glasses of wine were the same as the other 2 $4 glasses of wine. oops. $10 gap is pretty big. luckily i noticed the look of consternation on our server's face so we spent the 5 min drive to my friend's house re-calculating the meal)

overall we will definitely go back. especially b/c its 3 blocks from a friends place. but because the food was good, the atmosphere good and even with our hiccups the service was good.

thumbs up.
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