spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

weird dream capture

dream 1: was playing a band show. not w/ milkbar - some other band where i was playing a hollow body guitar. something was up w/ r3dm3nac3's instrument and so we had to delay. finally when we went on my guitar got super out of tune. but it was ok, because as we started there were some guest guitarists who popped on stage... including Christopher Walken! and then good old Chris offered me his guitar to use.

dream 2: somewhere possibly my parents and was in the kitchen cleaning stuff after making some food, dropped a glass into the sink and it started the sink to backup and overflow. had to use tongs to grab a few jelly jar rings out of the rising waters. then it all started to subside. then i was trying to close a zip top bag of some dried rice? like giant rice krispies maybe? but there were BUGS! huge dried but not dead bugs! like beetles and spiders and a huge centipede! i think i woke myself out of that one.

dream 3: some sort of competition. akin to skiing but not really b/c it involved skiiing using your hands as you hung from some sort of system. so it was like you were sliding around as you hung down and you had to time the 'jumps' between towers and thats how you could pass people. it was some hugely elaborate course. i was winning until i jumped to the completely wrong level. turned out tho that everyone blindly followed me to it. hah!

dream 4: was at ande2713's place. in her living room. (of a house that doesnt exist.) and there had been a party of some sort, its getting fuzzy now but there was something involving some broken glass that she kept walking on and Eric or was it Skaht?! kept warning her about it, but she didnt care.

dream 5: was somewhere with a giant screen where you could touch it and it woudl give you live satellite view. for some reason we were in antartica or something and had to get up to the mediterranean or something. sat view was also showing cool things like the big ships and such.
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