spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


Monday work, hung out w/ PMP and then ninja and lauren @ chat for karaoke mondays. fun fun fun.
Tuesday rain. haircut. snow. dinner w/ susina at Lil T's.
Wednesday bitter cold, work, dropped off MBP for service, decided on an early night, possibly being hit w/ a cold...
Thursday shrunk, lunch, derby. derby testing. wheee.
Friday cleaning. or at least the start of it. so much more to do.
Saturday works. met ups with the kari and sarahs at caffeto. then over to king & i to meet up w/ some work peeps.
Sunday band practice, MOA for dandroid6000 to get a macbook, late lunch @ johnny rockets, Derby meeting @ luce
Monday work, dinner @ chipotle w/ celina and then a walk to the sculpture garden
Tuesday stuff and junk.
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