spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

blah blah blah

• i resurrected what had been a borked pc. without having to resort to swapping out CPUs or such. something weird was up with it, and its better now. i think i might make it the firewall again for the house. question is whether or not i'll just use pfsense instead of manually doing freebsd.
• my wonderful electric kettle is dead. i managed to turn it on and left it on for hours w/o realizing it, and i think it burned itself out. of course i found this out on the day i came down with a cold and needed hot tea around 2 weeks ago... time to order a new one!
• i've had it with being sick. and the cold weather. the two combined make me not want to go do anything. i missed baconfestMN this weekend as well as going skiing. boo.
• i'm thinking about writing a new blog somewhere. but then i realize i love the LJ interface and editor i'm used to using (i use Xjournal.app)
• i want to get back to music. i need to finish up a re-master of a milkbar song, and then maybe even do a remix.
• speaking of music, i should build up one of my ottomans (powermac g4 towers) into a music machine to suffice until i get a new iMac
• also, i want a DVR mac. ideally a new mac mini, but i suppose i could use one of my ottomans.
• i got my newton back online and serving up webs http://tr.im/gfcw
• i like frozen oreos
• i was sleepy earlier. now? not so much. *sigh*
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