spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

Technology today...

Consider this tidbit: Kids today have access to technology that exponentially dwarfs what 30 somethings had growing up. Cellphones with access to the web, iPhones, Twitter / Facebook to keep themselves wired into what friends are doing with up to the minute statuses and in some instances, GPS fed locations.
What does it all mean? It means expectations on technology and the technology curve is going to rise even steeper than it has til now.
Google's rebranding and integration of the dodgeball services into Google Latitude hints at being able to find a person using the ubiquitous Google search bar. Imagine typing in a name and having a popup map showing you exactly where that person is. Spooky yes?
Add that into the increasing popularity of sharing with all your "friends" random factoids about yourself. And many kids today now have personal computers that make it incredibly easy for them to create movies that they can share with the world via the interwebs.

Its pretty heady stuff. I sorta wonder where things will be in 20 years...
Tags: culture, society, technology
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