spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

wow. a story in 6 acts.

act 1: The Arrival
when i got to the Roy, i found out we had an issue with our fancypants track lighting. actually i knew this thursday, but we had borrowed Madison's fancypants track lighting to supplant ours. but... there was a problem. theirs wasnt working either. so there were a few moments of anxiety and concern. but i had faith in our production team and i knew my ref team could work the bout without that outside blue line. that did increase my anxiety level about things, which led to a mini freakout about the tardiness of a ref. but that soon went away.
act 2: first half
things went well, pretty much as i expected, although i never really pay attention to the score during a bout, i do look up occasionally to see where things are at, and last night i was surprised at the beginning of the MRD/ MNRG bout to see MNRG ahead. but then MRD soon recovered and took a healthy lead - which is about what i was expecting. by the end of the half i could tell it was going to become a brutal dragged out battle.
act 3: halftime
i had a lil discussion time with the refs since things were getting wilder. that took a little longer than i planned, but soon everyone was out enjoying the polka band
act 4: second half
while the theme bout was going, i turned to my penalty trackers and said "wow. this bout feels so slow compared to the other..." it was fun. i love the theme bouts. i expected a closer battle there, but alas it was not to be. Punks ruled the bout. but man, the bout got soooo close with the madison/mnrg bout... it was crazy. and then to win? at home? finally? against madison? the crowd went crazy. it was awesome.
act 5: the Departure
took a while as usual for me to get out of there. but i had friends waiting and i wanted to get to the after party quickly so i tried to make haste. even so i was still one of the last few again. *sigh*
act 6: the after party
wow. i had a lot more fun than i usually do at an afterparty. especially one at o'garas. theres just usually too many non derby people there and it annoys me. but i like jake rudh's dj-ing, and after i got over the much too soon departure of pinkshaya (who needs to nap more before these things!!!) and i recovered from the post bout mexican food, it was a great dancing night! scoots is hilarious on the dance floor, and who doesnt like rumblebee's Toxic dance?!
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