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tried a couple new-to-me restaurants:
Chindian - a small little café which would be aptly called "quaint". a nice eclectic mix of chinese and indian dishes, with a few other SE Asian cuisines thrown in the mix. they were out of the wide rice noodles used in the dish i wanted, so i got a Madras Chicken dish. very tasty. definitely a place off the beaten path, but worth the trip if you're over there, and a really good value. (if you're looking for a good SE Asian meal, and dont mind a few dollars more per dish, i think Peninsula has a much better selection and presentation. plus its on eat street...)
Jasmine 26 is very much on the other end of the spectrum from Chindian - much more showy and flashy. and definitely much more spendy. The menu is large and i had a hard time picking between about 4 dishes that sounded really good. I ended up with the Basil Noodles w/ chicken for $14, and it was very tasty. susina really liked her green curry. I also love limeade and they make fresh limeade for $4.
next time i do this i'll try and take food pics...
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