spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

touching vs typing or iPhone vs cellphone

This weekend i took a trip out of state and for the first time since switching to the iPhone in march i started to yearn for a slider phone again. why? the keys. i knew i'd miss them, i loved texting on my other phones because it was super easy to text without payin attention to the screen. plus i could do it one handed which meant i could text and drink and talk at the same time. try doing that with an iphone... not easy. i still love my iphone and i wouldnt switch back for a whole slew of other reasons, but i was tempted to get another phone just to use for texting. crazy huh? that said, i know its possible to do one handed typing on the iphone, it just requires more eye use than i would like. maybe someone will come out with a t9 keyboard dock attachment for the iphone... lol it could double as a screen protector! hmmm perhaps i should patent this...
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