spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

on the horizon

in list order for my friends who love lists

• CONvergence. i have a love hate relationship to this event. the first year was full of anxiety. the second was fun because we played and last year was ok, but i was sorta meh about it. this year i'm totally meh about it.
• Derby restart. Boot Camp practice starts back up in a week and I'm feeling both ready and not ready. After skating yesterday for the first time in weeks I'm hyped for the workout. but i also have really come to appreciate the break. first time. also its hard to believe i've been at this for 3 seasons already. wow. I have so many emotional ties to the sport that its strange to also be a little reticent about going back. And while as a friend put it recently Derby has become my new 'scene' I dont feel like its totally my defining aspect.
• Milkbar show at Club Underground July 25. Love love love love love love my band and playing again. (there was a while there where i was pretty sure i was quitting. but i stuck it out and i'm glad i did.)
• how could i forget? iphone 3g release... july 11
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