spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

car accident

so ande2713 and i got into a car accident.

pictures are here:

we were driving in the left lane heading northbound on lyndale and were crossing franklin when the blue minivan ran the red light and slammed into the silverish sedan who was to our right also heading northbound on lyndale. the impact spun him around and he then hit us and then the minivan hit us as well.

fun times. more bureaucracy to deal with now. WHEEEEE

Update: we're both ok. E hit her head and leg on the door with the impact but so far shes ok. we were just really hungry so after we got done w/ the police we walked the few blocks back to her place and continued our journey to get sushi.

This is my older black pathfinder. i drive it in the winter so i can get through the snow drifts etc that my new saab would have issues with.
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