spike (spikenheimer) wrote,


so as i gradually become more engaged in the ways of facebook, i become less and less addicted to myspace...

i'm beginning to wonder where it will end. every 18-24 months it seems the tide turns from one social network to another. first was friendster, then myspace and now facebook (and yes, i know that for some of you it was facebook before myspace, but you get my drift.) whats next? i've seen mention of a quarter dozen other sites, but honestly i'm full. no more. and i suspect that we'll end up continuing to do it without all the whizbang features and toys that myspace and facebook have... using our own words, our own pictures and our own setups right here on Livejournal. or maybe our own blogs.
and in the mobile social networks its a similar situation: Dodgeball begat Twitter which begat mobile functionality of facebook. it shall all converge at some point i'm sure.
but you know what? i sorta miss all the personal expository that people would write in livejournal. or more appropriately, that i would read in livejournal. 'cuz i don't really see much here that i want to read lately.
that being said, i guess the biggest difference i have between my livejournal life and my other social network life is how many real life friends i have on there. LJ still very much has my online friends in a majority. my real life peeps are primarily on FB and my derby life friends are MS. so... its somewhat of a dilemma for me. i like to write. i've come to a point in my life where my life is relatively free of the angst that drove much of my past writing. so much of my postings have decreased in content, which led me to start a daily journal community where i could just blob out the things i had been doing - one of my favorite uses for LJ: an online what did i do last october...
oh well. somewhere someone will create a new social network that will be everything to everyone and we'll all start using it. until then...
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