spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

the cliff notes nutshell update

so i bet some of you are curious what i've been up to.
well in a nutshell:

» I'm now head ref for the Minnesota RollerGirls. Come see our first bout this season in two weeks on Saturday October 20th details here
» i'm keeping busy trying to get a small business off the ground. we make t-shirts. and we do some custom work. we have a few online storefronts:
Derby Discount, featuring Derby Apparel
• Red Card Clothing, where we'll focus on soccer related apparel
» i just applied for a part time job with a company that i've loved for years and years. hopefully i'll get it, as it would be nice to have some income to spend on all the things i like buying!
» last but not least, my band Milkbar is playing a show in two weeks on Thursday October 18th at Club Underground in NE Minneapolis. We're 'headlining' which means we get the last slot of the night. so if you're up for staying up and out late, come on down!
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