spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

a picture is worth a million memories

its funny how my memory recall works. when i was younger i used to have location based memory. e.g. as i was walking around the house i would think of something, then forget it a few minutes later. but if i walked back to where i had been when i came up with the thought, there was enough triggers there to bring back the idea. a habit which i would later realize was 70% visual cues and visual triggers.
so understandably as i was surfing around flickr this morning i came across a bunch of pictures that triggered a slew of memories:
- the angelic face of an ex girlfriend as she slept in
- some special moments with an ex
- the time(s) that someone came to town with the explicit desire to sleep with a shy friend of mine. who of course didn't follow through on it.
- sushi in madison
- lunch trip to madison turned into a PBR commercial and overnight in MKE
- ande2713 and 3 drink mom
- red velvet cake fight

and others. aaaaand many of these memories triggered other memories.
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