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psp notes

taking some notes here... but if anyone in the interwebs knows answers let me know.

been trying to automate some command line transfers of video from my replaytv into my psp. i found a script online called rtv2psp but it does everything using XVID and i wanted to use the newer H264 codec to save space. i've had zero luck converting that ffmpeg script to output h264. it seems that ffmpeg does not output something correct for the psp's h264 codec. when i use ffmpegX and have it use x264, that works fine. so why wont the straight up ffmpeg version work?!

ooh sweet. i just figured out how to capture what ffmpegx is doing commandline wise. i r smrt.

also i'm trying to rip dvds into the psp and i'm using Handbrake and it isnt working. oh wait. i just realized i was using an old version. trying a new version now.
Tags: psp h264 movies replaytv rtv2psp ffmpeg
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