spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

today's story...

went up to stella's studio to help out with some sanding. afterwards we needed to change / shower before we'd be ready for a happy hour shindig thinger called Sample Circuit that h2bhc invited me to. by the time we got on the road to Spill The Wine (next to grumpy's downtown) we ended up getting off 35W at about 6pm. met up w/ Joemonkey and we headed inside to nosh on free food and drink. (a $38 value) about 15 min later we heard about the bridge collapse. stella's sarah called me just as peter was telling us about someone who was at the event who had just crossed over on the bridge as it started to wobble. the 3 of us decided to wander down to see what we could see. we ended up down by the red cross building down by the river, and i took one picture on my cellphone. we ended up walking down to the river and the only sight we saw was the 19th ave bridge. no visible evidence of the 35w bridge, save for the pile of girders on the east side. ended up not seeing enough so we wandered back to grumpy's to watch the coverage on the tv. finally ended up at stella's and watched CNN for a while then decided we were too hungry. so stella, sarah and i ended up at Pi. saw gunn and molly_grrl as well as killer and jessie farmer. crazy nite.
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