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5 years down

random sampling of years. 5 is a nice round number right?

5 years ago i was still at target. miserable.
today? slowly building a business from scratch with friends

5 years ago i spent the day with Kris.
today? no idea what happened to her. for all i know, she finally moved to Rotterdam.

5 years ago my pets were my cat, Donut and my dog, She-Ra
today? both are gone, and my cat is now Spocky

5 years ago i realized that i still hadn't written up a better travelogue of my trip to australia
today? i've gone back to australia another time, i've been to tokyo, and many other fun places. and i still haven't written up that trip.

5 years ago my friends were completely different
today? new ones, good ones, i still conceptually know some of my old friends but... not so much
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