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went out to a bunch of things last nite. after the last, i was hungry having eaten only a few soy crisps for dinner. so as i drove home i seeked out available drive through food. unfortunately i ended up eating McDonald's. :P it had been a few years since i had eaten any, and i realized as i was eating it, that it tasted horrible. the only redeeming factor that it had was the salt. blech. and now i'm hungry again.
i woke up early from strange dreams (not surprising considering the last i put in) where i was with a bunch of assassins/ snipers and peta wilson was one of them. weirdness. but then my brain switched into high gear and i couldn't get back to sleep. too many buzzing thoughts of this that and the other thing.

and now i'm hungry for some breakfast. i wonder who's up and hungry...
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