spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

... in my belly ...

• mmm... peach jello followed up by watermelon jello. no seriously, its like a soft squiggly watermelon jolly rancher. mmmmm.
• hopefully it will help my belly stop feeling gas pain. doubtful. stupid refried beans.
• i'm back from many weekend trips all around. too much stuff to get done in the upcoming weeks. too many things causing me worry. blah.
• my cat is very glad i'm back
• i have found that my crushes have all started dating people in the last month. all but one, but i'm not sure if i want to pursue
• i want to see the following movies (in no apparent order):
•• hot fuzz
•• blades of glory
•• pirates 3
•• oceans 13
• i want to buy the following video game systems / games
•• Xbox Elite / halo3
•• psp / Socom 3
• i am feeling quite random
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