spike (spikenheimer) wrote,

delay of game penalty

i am lying here surfing and blogging. when in fact i should be packing. packing? yes. i'm off on another trip. this time, the longest. a full 5 days! wheeeee.
where am i going? i'm off to see an Indycar race in Milwaukee.
And that means that i'll probably be calling some of you MKE peeps later this afternoon to see whats up. I'm travelling down with Rat Bastard, and we're meeting up w/ Tim & Jacq tomorrow. Track events will suck up our time Saturday and Sunday. Not sure whats going on Friday as of yet.

also, i went and read the LJ homepage to read the full blurb about wtf LJ Abuse did. its a good read and i recommend you go read it.

then from there i ended up on brad's LJ, and from there i ended up signing into Jyte. neat stuff!

plus its always fun to find a new OpenID supporting site.
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