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was in new orleans for the last few days. i'd like to say it was a vacation, but i was actually there for work. derby work. the national association of flat track derby annual conference (Womens Flat Track Derby Association - WFTDA) it was a blast, and then we were out enjoying the french quarter ... then back in the meetings at 8am. so as you can imagine i'm sorta tired.

got back last night, went out for brunch with kp5781 this morning, took a little lie down and now i'm sitting in my living room wondering why my server is down. looks like the house took a power failure at some point while i was gone. and something in that power failure resulted in the server not wanting to power up. (yeah, i know. probably a power supply issue...)

so now i'm shopping on eBay for a replacement part or two... *sigh*
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