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a damn fine burger

i've been something of a burger eating fiend the last few months. i'm not really sure when it started, only that it has started and continued for a while. i'm quite sure that the source of the matter was friends who love them, and combined that with the cold winter weather and the increase in hunger for animal proteins. mmmmmm yummy. so far my favorite burgers are in stream of consciousness order:
• Bryant Lake Bowl's blue cheese burger
• mom's nearly meatloaf esque burger with all its tasty add ins and yes, served on traditional mom style white bread.
• ...
thats it... i can't really think of any others. however tonite, i did have a nice one at Rix Bar & Grill up in North Mpls. it was tasty. it in theory was the single patty version of this:
, but it looked completely different.
taste wise? pretty good. i definitely enjoyed it more than a vaunted kobe burger i had at the bulldog ne.

so where have you had super tasty cheeseburgers?
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