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Happy Zombie Jesus Weekend!

randomness ahead!
• things are progressing nicely on the DIY biz front.
• while i say 'nicely' it is slower than expected, but at least manageable
• i'm out of soda. oh noes!
• i ordered a 42" plasma hdtv. woooohoooo! spending moneys!!!
• i need to buy a new digital camera as my canon sd600 has stopped powering on :(
• speaking of broken things needing replacement, my oven doesnt heat up correctly. so i'm gonna get a fancy new range
• i get to learn how to make pierogies tomorrow!
• i get to eat some pierogies at easter!
• i got invited to easter dinner!
• i'm sorta hyper.
• anyone going to the Rubberball?
• i really should get to work.

Update: Yay! i just found out that my camera is < 1 year old (by like 12 days... phew!) warranty repair here i come!!!
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