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sleep is for the week.

so i know a few people who lately are in the computer buying market. being the good little mac fanboy that i am, i of course steer them towards buying either an iMac or an iBook macBook. lately tho, i've been lapse in my pushing skillz. one went with a toshiba laptop, which ended up costing around 1299 + a lot for some add on software etc. another acquaintance went with a dell desktop but it sounds like they got a really nice rig. dual 22" lcd monitors? mmmm nice. too bad both are running vista! *ptui*
and now theres another friend who is ending up with another dell, this time a laptop. i can't fault the cost issue. mac hardware definitely is more on the upfront hardware cost. and its hard to really sell tco (total cost of ownership) when people are plunking down loads of money/financing. but... man...

ok that was really supposed to only be around 3 sentences. the topic i really wanted to cover was sleep. yesterday i decided that i needed to go to bed much earlier than normal because i was feeling like i was lacking in sleep... i ended up getting around 10 hours. tonight... well its 3:15am already and i'm just starting to feel tired. unfortunately i ate something which upset my tummy and i've been feeling bloated and icky for the last few hours. not really sleep conducive. oh but wait... the yawns are coming.
... yay!
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